Bawarchi ki dandam

On probation

An alarming issue now. Can't think about it and cannot get away from thinking about it.
                 Got to mend things this semester. Will talk more to myself from now..once again yes to blogging and no to Bawarchi..bye bye...enough of the vagabond services to you and ofcourse thanks for teaching about the real America..businesses .and people here. Will cherish working there forever. The Biryani..Steve john Deepak..ah..

The small mansion that I built using a tractor top and some gunny bags on the terrace of my house..looking at the stars..getting to drive a tractor..finding some way to go for bandar on the street. These things define my life.

  Natural language processing, three words that can naturally put me off now, anytime.Workingn a cafeteria job and serving my ass off to Bawarchi, am not liking this anymore.
                                                                                                         when nothing helps, philosophy does.

"when you do the same thing and expect a different result, the result will be the same". Got to change the way I exist.

fast and busy

I realise the last time I blogged was two months ago. In India I atleast had time to blog in loo,not that there is no time now but am unsure when the paper tissue kisses my ass. Being to a casino, a couple.of times to.Irving for.first day show , a lake, Dallas state fair trip.with are memorable
                                      Loving to RTGS online now.the Friday pub is now replaced by Friday sittings with four loco and jhonnie walker..Evening meets are now whatshapp chuddy buddy chats..this is so happening but so void of something unexplainable

Networking ..

I have got to meet all of them in a single hour at christian campus centre
                Congo and Togo...waah.. an Africa asking Kaise ho ?
                Hospitable..have I ever seen people of such kind. Will I there be again ?

Discover denton

Transferring utilities and making frnds,observing new frnds from close quarters.learning to respect ..walking into new areas ,eating tacos ..all new and nice ;-)

People open the doors for you. Everyone says hi how are you doin. A one dollar gives you a sandwich and an hour hard work pays you 7 $.everything is easy to access and is cozy.that is what happens when you live around people with integrity.the thing I like most is loo and the least being a tissue in loo
                   May be some day in India too.

You can't get angry with the person who feeds you.All the car drives,lavish spending's without a single word are upon his mercy. Acted like a fucking pig for a small swearing but the truth has to set in-He is like a child too, Insulting abuses ,common its his way of living but what have I done to deserve it ? I'm now this bcoz of him but still  deep down I'm hurt too. I hate to hate the fact that I sometimes hate him for that:(  



Animals have a predictable behavior.. they are stable.. ఆకలేస్తే తింటాయి కోపం వస్తే చంపుతాయి ..
But humans are so unstable and dynamic in behavior. The less emotional you are, the longer you live..
#morning read

somewhere between ego and the urge to showoff , I sometimes win and how long does this glory last ? All the magic around US .. 
                                 For some inexplicable reason I don't really know where am heading too ? Did I know in the first place that going to u.s is life changing .. not for money or standard of life there.. but to the fact that am never going to enjoy this solitude and never give a fuck about the outside world (struck in a room with pc and I love it the most ) and by hating the work I do , I just realised that the only thing I really love to do is the this .. pop some uk charts, go to a bank ,eat chat and chat , and fuck myself to sleep and yes talk to myself by blogging .
How true! 'Remember me' reminds the inner me to satisfy the urge of blogging this beautiful line
Passing GYAN to others has been part and parcel of this jobless jack (with only qualification is a us visa)
Drinking with everyone around without  reservation for anyone special , may be my close buds or once upon a moon wellwishers and family :) 

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