There was a time when I used to dream this story would happen-  I see an old guy, rescue him on the road and as a reward, I get a year long free coupons to eat for free at his restaurant. Exactly what happened at Jacksonville. I meet some people who run a restaurant, they feed me all day with delicious food, a shelter to live in and a home theater to fill the timeline.
let me start with a reflection - After all the aspirations to be a voracious reader, vagabond, travel, business and farming, I realized life is like a blank paper, it shows what you write on it. There is something about coding. It logical than anything that you do in life. It takes no bias, returns no value just because you have initialized it with an opinion. Its an input output, precisely for the condition that you put in, no less no more.
    The key is to keep busy to avoid getting lost in the void ? Is that why we all work ?  Money might be the biggest motivation and there is something beyond that which I can't comprehend for now. 


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