Just learnt that sneak peek is used to view something before its officially published but fuck it ..

       Pataka at vijay shop..again it has come tru ..the one I think most inaccesible finally will end up bonding with me..atm money maava sweater which is finally to me

Its like I completed my degree now..remember that film its kind of funny story (hoe dead lines could get to him )...running for lor stamp attestation ..To me its a boring task and for someone who is unaware of getting the documents together its show..
The stupid android might have been bugged..shutting down at an imp time..thank god prasad sir he himself noticed me on the other side of road..he is not really that sad its just I've been an  asshole judging him a psycho..fuck me
                      Family to multiplex and me trying a fake stamp of sunitha mam..it could have costed me just 15 rs to redo it with other sir (ooad was like desperate ti give one ) but I did what my heart said..go with sunitha mam..
                      Raj has been fucking helpful like a personal consultant to me...
                     The best of all yes a compliment .. principal asking gre score congratulating
~ I know there will never be an openheart with him again and small time at canteen with navy..

After making a promise that I will never touch whisky again..could not stand on it when guru brings a 100 and says pandaga cheskundam
                  Bought a full ..puked..and then that bike ride through the streets of my hnk ..tea at bus stop is now like a custom after a party

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