To hyd

55 lakhs then 10 and 10 on another day..lot of cash.. I so wish that its all ours with all the pledges resolved
                      More than a fantasy if I said to myself that I will sign a cheque book of my own company coz am busy going to a city on hyd...its cool..

For once I thought the pain was for being blasphemous. This is the 2nd time..the first was on frndship day last yr ..where I drove myself for a painkiller
                       "Next time baga tinepudu pedha valla gurinchi alochinchandi" funny retort by the nurse there and was knocked down wn she said " chinna pilladi laga chestunru "
                        Walked for a cup of tea from home to subedari to ambedar and again home via bhavani nagar.._ALL oN FOOT with ear phones plugged to drive the family from ghanpur to

Money maestro

Its been that kind of a week wher you spend a thousand rupees even without realising it
                      The all new bike and funny how I tend to profess things like I've reached here without learning
                       City dhaba ..handled 40 lakhs today..I bet you didn't see that much of cash on any day till date..
Been to village after releasing dcm from rto check..

The extraordinaries of ordinaries experienced in human life are nicely porteyed by rk narayan
       I wish I were him to point that basic instincts of happiness and frustration when admitted and more wierdly placed in a waiting list..why the fuck couldn't it be a definitive decision
             May it be the white water tour to admit 4m niu..more than usual bonding with bewaited uncc..a new bike for sis...its all happening while am doing nothing literally nothing
  Yes that hall of fame from abhyaas would be the only achievment sao far


You think education costs u money and time..then try ignorance
                              A person who can read and doesent read any is no less an illiterate than one who actually can't
                           Nothing amazes me that atomically am a part of unioverse and d univ is within me. new guru
                           Seeking internet gyan on free thinking :) rational thinking

Only 2 things .. know abt the world better than yesterday and never expect ur philosophy settled ..     nothing best than books to enhance urself as of now

Svsc..simple and beautiful..
                                            Kotha room pasha..raju gadi room lo siiting..
            Should visit the with priyanka at ashoka

Banking heavily on social networks
         A todays problem is for tommorow you to solve
          Completely lost track of how I do things..3 days colg 3 days home..

   Riaz in a good shape now...wwont be long be4 he is back...vadi alludi super good

          Vivek gadito naayak .... it was easy except for staying upto 2 45 late in the night to make a ppt slide for tech sem..first time in recent times

           registration office..always curious of how dad manages things when everybody around over rates a problem..and then what if yo incur a real problem..

         Now its the time to absolutely do nothing but wait with all applications being complete

Madhya pradesh indore bhopal mangal city..these words will rev 4m now..
               The food.. best part of my travel

Kachodi poha cheeli toli dal tadka dal makan dal fry kichdi roti talwa..paneer parota alu parota..bread pakodi...

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