When are you leaving ? I suppose many are out of topics to talk to me and eventually land into the us sawaal
                          Bittu son in law bday party @mayuri..      always love a stranger who can talk at the spur of the moment. Who can deny a person with best humor can best understand the world . After all the banter me and ram reddy landed in green park for biryani
Am at the mercy of a proj leader explaining things to me. Not that am smarter than her but I would have never envisioned this be4 btech. A leader is dealer in hope.. with all the hope
Urs rk

more mandu

Atm seized :)
                      After a gap of 6 years talked to nikhil on various things at relax wd matti it was revisiting my true past likes and attitude. On the day before magic moments at kundelu thallu would almost be my last indulgence in a bday party. Party ofcourse is never my form of celebration if it was not for booze
           And if loaded the crazy things I do like calling surya ..but why

Chepa mullu

Fish bone stuck in throat..baava admitted into a dawakana~ap seeds party~ he must have felt it like I felt when my dick stuck in a zip ..funny and painful
                  Heart in my mouth when sis drove me over 20 km on a single trip ~registration~
                  What the fuck is a polyvinyl sheet.riaz .. coolest bribe of 200 to a cop on way 2 cool club after a cool salad 

Day out

One more film ..murder 3.. 3 on 1 bike..
               When I was ready to sleep s call from vivek saying that all the cs organisers conspired to sit in bamboos for a party ~(a day be4 was there at bamboos 4 biryani) .well apparently am nothing on the organisers list but somewhere deep inside its fucks me..so i had to self fuck myself to doze to a good night sleep.

Today am not denied any thing that I ask for..not that I was denied before..but I have witnessed all of it ..the transformation and the toil ~marriage day~parents~
     Looking so desperate for booze and finally ended up in bamboos for a biryani. I should have participated in the fest but who stopped me..

Cse fest..was like a dummy there hanging around in my own fest
               Sirini..for a minute..and that I will cherish forever now..beautiful smile..beautiful eyes..beautiful woman..gre version of anchoring..common its been 5 months and ppl make me feel special..love compliments :)
            Pizza movie..nice thriller in the awake of fear and delusion of devil

Profound change

Change in my perspective about god as a supernatuall force or rather a transformation into an agnostic person and on living ( can't be greedy ) .. ur clothes can't say if u r worthy..ur confidence does
          We are the universe expressing it as a human for a little while
           And many social gatherings this month including a sucidal attempt.tana lokam enta chinnado ardamaindi.. good and bad are always relative terms ..stay fearless whatever

First time..got to drive the whole family in a car to hyd

More bonding

~I still wait for a day where ppl show love to a unknown person rather than an unknown dog
       Went to the dog farm the other day.. mirchi movie.beer wd bamardi on tharun rooftop.. and many more making my profound or rather lifeless inner thought hide behind the shades of all happening merry :) ..

If you keep waiting for the storm you will miss the sunshine now
                            Wise saying that..tracking my admits..shud stop that fuck..its gettting tiresome with koi na koi asking "when are you flying"
                           Managemnt science..if there was one thing that I can put into business from being a colg educated is this subject. Always thought something was due when vijayalksmi mam started..and this week was it..applause 4 seminar and most positive ..and u know I like compliments :)
                         basketball at arts.. a couple of days at raj hyd boduppal for proj


Neeraj bharadwaj..atma darpanam 4 telangana.. ~ I thought it was all about world peace and living in a better world
                    a protest and a rally while I was shamelessly but willingly and knowingly at the movies..same with every1..all will get over this and live normal. When everything is abt living ..what is the point of a sacrificing ur own life..

Turned down a reserved tkt to bhopal for staying at home.. this can't be me

Bairi days

Gantala gadiyaram..hw we counted those bells  and knew time and dozed off to sleep even before 8 ..no tv .. no non sense
                      That phone ring in the owners compartment was definetly or atleast most probably to dad..how I learnt to make a first call.. that small kit of a miniature ciomputer video game was everything
                       Now how funny is that ppl ridicule me when I say them that I was the running champ at skool..fuck me..

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