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Last time I blogged and had a reflective on my journey, never did I think I would be visiting many places and my life would change a bit.

           Toured places, told a girl that I loved her and bought a car. I am starting to love this uncertainity in my life and sorting out the possibilities. The best lessons that I learnt are you direct yourself, there is only one way - don't belittle yourself, learn more, take a step.Sitting there doesn't get you anything.

          One downside in my travel here, am feeling a genuine hatred towards following other people's lives. Is a confusion to show compassion or not go any extent, any least bit that could hurt you.

         All said, its your life - IT SHOULD BE ABUNDANT, before you could share anything with others. Abundance in the sense of self satisfaction and very little emotions that I have. Its very difficult to be less consumeristic and materialistic in this life. But am trying, trying hard to grow more and back up myself.

  I will have to maintain talking to myself more here, after all this is the only place where am talking to the real me devoid of all the influences from exterior.
Its time that I realize what I'm becoming. It can be only easy to not care when you reflect more. Hone your skills before there is an urge to achieve something.

There is literally nothing inhibiting my progress except me staying still and getting lost in the daily crap. No more counting dollars , go count the stars and get lost in your own thoughts. Ofcourse, all the things that you dream of are only some attributes of a good life. No point when you don't live a life at all.

Place: In Edison, after the first job.

Time: Not long before I blog again from a different city in a new job hopefully.

Not long before I realize programming is not my forte and I will have to stay calm when shit gets

real. There is always a need.  Once you reach that core , you are with greed for more.

Being too good to people should not be your only choice beacause there are people never too old

enough for their age.

New roommates- Basically India Wale.

Hanging out with uncles beach_walks, bowling and cineema.

After neponset landing which was like hilariously close and okay ..this Nepalese shelter is now a breeding place for my thoughts on how this life goes on. The food and VERY WISE Roman aur dilli reminding me of my Mulk- (native)
        The UBER costly LYFT is one good example and realisation of how easily I could be cajoled into doing things- tipped him 40$. I should not but I don't know why I keep thinking of that- Might be its the stingy person in me dominating the other generous side.

Probably Boston tea party was the only thing I knew about American independence and Deloitte was the only company that sent it's employees to my junior college for its promotion. Now here I am. It really is great knowing that vivekananda came here because it was cheaper than most other places in USA  REALLY ? Home of MIT and Harvard. The biggest thing I have done after coming to US might be driving myself to Boston from edison in a snow stor Car stuck in the snow, me stuck with unfriendly/brainy people , commuting in a subway are some of the things that would stay
        In an uncertain shelter with an uncertain job and things can only get better from here. Be it the weather or job. The first month of the job didn't really live up to the hype of scaring me. Hope it stays the same. Going to Berkley street for a design discussion at Deloitte main office in downtown and a chance to Brief Indian folks about the project module are definitely surprising and I don't know what helped me to pass them.

ఇంగ్లీష్ విన్గ్లిష్ సినీమా చూసినపుడే  అనుకున్న
"పొతే usa పోవాలి అక్కడ Manhattan చూడాలి అని"

My only and the biggest motivation to come here was New York. But then it turned out be even more eventful and adventurous with us touring washington, pennsylvania a total of 8 states in a span of week.






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