This avva was a complete surprise who remembered me and wished all success. How blind was I to a person who knew me dearly. 

Us return

I felt good when someone said am grounded without a us return flair. I am trying to mingle and meet every single person that I can. In the process I always  spent extravagantly and nothing looks simple and grounded for an outsider

Zoning in or out

It's always haunting not to live selfish. To be honest I have always had a second thought when trying to extend my hand. So this contradiction is what defines my life. On the top it's always about being successful and happy first and then reaching out to others??

A week more and I will be back in Denton. The recovery after LASIK is not easy and coping up with the reality isn't easy either.  As my favorite bhogle says  I should practice to remember the good and forget the bad.

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