With two weeks to go for the semester and 2weeks over 2 months for INDIA, everything is unfolding slowly now. Meeting kind hearted steven, john again, being a victim of fishing (BABYSITTING JOB), Discussion with Prathyush at motel and over whisky about life all serve good incidents of this phase. I could have landed in no great trouble than getting trapped in a fraud.
     With a 'yes' and then 'no' I was denying myself and irritating parents about my visit. Finally, now am happy-happy-happy,

Here and there

You are limited by the things you know.
I felt I was touring the whole America when I went to an island called south padre...I thought of the resul t even before giving the driving test..I.know I am anxious about the future when I am trying to register for the summer courses desperately
                          But what I didn't know was back home father is worried about the cbi and family wants me not to book the flight ticket. Now that brings me back to my senses and think about how hard a life can be for him

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