Visa payment at my home branch and the questionaire followed.. nuvvu us pote,mari ikada evaru chuskuntau anta..mind always juggles between option and I have to introspect my motives behind going to u.s here.
         Sitting at celebrating the birth just an excuse to party and so be it

Wise and otherwise

Wonderful book by sudha murthy..we as a human being dwell on past and become nostalgical..many such things happened over these 2 days stretch and to justify the following pics....
The untold affection on lifting mangoes..called it shopping during calling it memories

'Sai saketh'.. always have neen delusioned that nit is full of studmuffins.But here is an old friend who is congenial and pleasant just the way he was.
                    If I was to be informed that my friend got enrolled for swami vari seva at tirupathi a year back, I would have said 'what a lucky chap'..but now am like 'does that mean extra grace'. Anyway I assume myself taking that job too because of the serenity and ofcourse air conditioners stalled in the temple :)
                 Rakesh reddy dubbudu reminds me of what I want to be and that chat on sachin blasphemy was a small talk but an incident to remember

Over wieght

Hit 84. The most things that come to mind when am due to blog are invariably the past rememberances..dwell on the good old times..good things happen to good people, may be a saying but a guy who is dedicated getting a 3lakh package justifies it.. go sai..
                                                      Nothing is more hyper than you are.. modern day fuckin hats off to dad on how he keeps his cool and takes risk amidst of skeptical and negative environment we live in

What else can I reply with when asked about my absence on signature day.
                                               For me not sign day,not proj viva is an end of btech but UNICORN becoming dead is like a point of it. Got to get up from my slumber and do things - many errands to run, major and minor. Ce report, banl loan sanction, getting I20, unicorn docs, house docs, passbooks, ds sevis forms,net bill and other shit

new years eve

A couple of times to hyd and a couple of beers on a trot for 2 days. Ipl absorbing most of my time. Am not really bored or void of any activity but still I hope a better me the following week..
                           A point to blog daily and yes swim


Fantasise a ipl league, fantasise a gal, fantasise a fb status after being stamped :)
                                                     All that you touch and see will be the world that you ever see. I have to start moving atleast in my mind. Books and films can definetly take you into a new world. The whole macrocasm of the world is recreated in the microcosm of our mind. How endless is the world in mind and how stupid am I not heeding to the voices outside while watching tv or peeking at cell for nothing
                            The whole family and mavayya cheering for sun risers. There definetly is something in sport which provokes our basic instincts

A note to self

Count to ten or just don't shout when u r angry. All that I have trained myself to stay in peace is lost.but that swearing by dad today was harsh and don't I know that it won't last

Funny how someone named priyanka becomes a pinky. Always reminds me of pee or atleast I say so to annoy others. With a gal beside everyone will be ready to do a favor and that's when she comments wittily "grape taagu white aitav" . Now seriously fuck you
                                      3000 condonation for bamardi. Now he is goin too far with minimal attendence and max arrears. Why did I even cover him for that..may be all the parties and atm money are theirs in the first place

One day mom and I comes into the front room and I would pull a foolish prank saying "amma paamu"..apudu amma "chempa pagultadi howla poradada" . That's how I made a fool out of me :)
                             And now its like savouring the last days of colg with photoshoots table tennis and attending a class after knowing that no attendence is recorded by teacher

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