when i was writing letter to the REGIONAL MANAGER ..jayachandra walked in saying 'pal u r amazing but cut down on that words like DIRE STRAITS ..how on the hell he is gonna  understand that ..

                  well i think now i made up a good show after dad came last night (drunken ) and said " shabash rm applauded for the amazing letter " may be drunken but a compliment is compliment ..gotta give it to myself :)
I SOMEHOW get a feeling this is gonna be a long post...been procrastinating things but what good a day then 1st of a month to sort out my priorities


          DIDN'T KNOW THAT THIS POST IS GONNA BE THIS LONG .. LOL ..GOTTA GET BACK TO WORK ( read  kill time ) ..bye :)

sexy day (కుందేలు తాళ్ళు )

went to suresh marriage at timmapuram with vivek ..Realising that it would take ages for the party to begin
I decided to scratch my card again :) :) now its 500 rs..
     took a white mischief at arepalli and some stuff at vangapad and then  called kranti to join ( he didn't drink much though)...it was like me and vivek half-a-bottle each..

had a heart ful talk to a thatha sitting there,taking proud in saying that it was my dad who had that road and bridge built

funny ,, went to the canteen and asked for a tea ( there was no a canteen there in the first place )

later taken to sravan terrace where we slept for a couple of hours ( there is still mankind left- aunty in reddy colony was very kind ) then at public garden with tharun till 11...

day ends with some good memories in my kitty :) cheers kitty!!
అందమైన  కల - ఒక  పీడా కల 

there was a nighmare , in which gopi and I were playing on terrace, wait...he was teasing a lady there
.. trying to get on to the terrace , he falla and death :(   then were his parents crying ..IT WAS FUNNY HOW I TURNED FROM CRYING TO COVERING UP THAT HIS DEATH WAS NOT MY FAULT ..this is a cruel world we are in , I say..

and now here is a one..may be I so long wish it to happen..I was in SriLanka..then my crush 42 walks in saying some bullshit ( what I cared most was she was in my room with me ! ) .. I hug her sleeping ,getting a feel of her body ( she doesen't stop me ) ...SHE'S GONE AFTER I WOKE UP

eminem :: i f you are nice to me  i will be nice to you , no matter if you are gay,lesbian,good , bad, mad whatever "

why the fuck cannot i be good to Ram Reddy ( well i'm but still..)...last day when he screwed my headphones , couldn't help but scream at my top.. thats good (atleast here is a guy , who make me want to shout,be myself ) 

                                          i know I can make up for the wrong I do ( thats what Gopi says )

WAS A GOOD FEELING when ria took me out for a drink ( oh chill was a juice at colg canteen )
Been a long since i'm here...been procrastinating (well they say "its not about making time ,it about priorities)
never late..i'm back blogging

last month...I now have company (sis back ) a whole lot of dropping her at exam centres has been a scene lately

     exams (dafuq?) .. and between why am I reluctant to take a call from Kantathmakur ( gotta fix ma mind )

last 2 days బామర్ది gadu vachindu...took him on a ride when guru's fiasco happenned ( petrol futt-harsha id card kosam )
new hobbies :: Renewed my membership to swimming pool and football ..(getting a hang of it )

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