Tharun gadi intla pottodu new yr greetings vestu unte na budget plan gurthu vachindi... envelopes home made and sketch was a norm then. And now its about pasha and vatsav regularly forcing the issue of a party .. well I mean unplanned is the best
                similarly nothing can match my quest for reggayalu..ekada padithe akkaga mullu guttalu ekki superb..tnk god I had a pastoral life behind and it won't b long be4 I take up farming likely :) (not farnmville on fb )
                  And what's with this addiction to fb..hatsoff to varun ..o rangle la vadi okkkasari dooram aindu

Into cricket

The indo pak t2o series..pak has the best spinner in the world they said but when yuvi bats its raining sixers they never said..
                        No proj no colg..I donno wt am doing bt the day is ending fine and fast
                        Shashi and matti..never had I thought of ordering wt am eating nw at GREENPARK.. dads money ofcourse is keeping me going and am nt feeling a little guilt 4 it..if am happy they are happy and vice versa no.
                         The only day at colg..vijayalaxmi madam..she is someone who is gonna influence my way very soon :)

23 dec ..trijesh sis marriage..
      A day that I ll never forget..I was like go crazy all the time.. almost 5 beers and blenders pride to start with..danced for bharat in the street..that's what alchol can do to u..every1 danced .. trying to resolve the amar singh fight like I have known him all my life..those glimpses will never fade..met nikhil on road. He is set to make 80k per month as a sky jet badly reminds me of my childhood aim to become a pilot
            and for all day damodar kept grilling me how I got the a point of time was furious when he called it a mere luck...sravan and me..arjun and me..those combos those steps..those beers bittu sunny item damu abhi raj pimp guru vatsav
              And endoing this on grand at royal fn hall..uninvitee muslim marriage james me vatsav :)

If I did anything helpful to my mates academically this is it..apart from mine did psychos and lambards.and pashas tet to come
                   Matti harsha and vatsav had a beer each and came 2 home..they were drunk bt it was me sleeping ..may b bcoz I was feeling left out

to i20 just to company them..its a gud thing I did nt join it..after all if there is a faint chance I wd make it to any univ (if luck favors)..but this guy seems to suggest too many by which u finally end up choosing all the regular ones
                Vivek kranti and james watched the movie click..what an idea..wish we all had one universal remote to control all the actions but again the pure essence was to understand that take life as it it comes I say


Nothing less than a miracle..the car jolted down the road but sujith anna who was inside the car escaped with minor guru had full meals at pjr
                      Sarocharu ... nitin guru abhi matti..all movie buffs on the 1st day. As I gotta do project in hyd no need of attending colg and as hyd is very far no need to go there either..what a luck
                      Ammamma in going gaga with geetha marriage. And for the vey first time deeposited in hnk axis branch instead of wgl..should havbe done this before..its like they say ignorance is the reason for all the problems

This time it is white mischief strawberry flavour at pimp house...
                         goutham menon film with sachin rehmaniac..god I feel like a music freak when he is around..this guy knows it all when it comes to music except to keep it cool with our item 20 consultant ..the curious case of palkha bazar tommy hilfigher at rajiv park

Damn could not look into a girls eye when she talks...fuck me
          Renewed pass and again that tennis and all, no colg 2morow coz of is getting more easy. :)
           Met matti and vatsav this morning talking about nothing for an hour on road..only possible with ur buddies
           Naayak and yes the beat thumper thaman has kept my day busy

Anti climax ?

After all the flaunting of my english skills ..seems like am set to a biggest debacle..done worse in the speaking section and mediocre in others
           Stayed at shashanks aunt one word..that's life.. a very congenial environment and yes they feeded me like a pig
osmania chef .. laddu kavala admin..gangster..these are like monikers to his bamardulu..(baawas technically)
          Almost never kept track of the money spent ..neither did they say friends don't count favours
          On 14 th went to rci..the missile drama..we cannot pull out a project with such intellect..but when she (501) feels that she can..well who's complaining.. By the way , she was candid telling her stuff like she tuned her parents to escape from the institution of marriage..Meanwhile it was kaif who had to sit outside the gate chatting with watchmen there.. and Boy it was lot of chicken these 2 days...
          Finally I will end with apoorva appearing at toefl centre..waived my hand smiled.. now I can gather,may be this was all set up by sunny first :)

Rajiv park

Never did I think the lords of excise colony turned into a simple. Park..with 4 days left to toefl I should get to know the exam now..with all the pals bulling me that a 100 is sure for me am not buying it..with 3 weeks due to blog I will come up with a long post very soon...and by the way this has been a super week with matti 300. Party at pashas and watching all the films that hit theatres...

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