• most important things are not things and sure this system is not a thing- its my life :P
  • favorite blue shirt ... these days can't stop clicking myself ..  beauty is just a perception , sigh

  • most negative thinker :) but thats that 

  • the glutton food .. wish it is a part of my daily menu , ( eat in moderation ? I can't quite )

dialogue of the month  నేను       నీ    కోసం     కష్టం    పడుతుంటే     నువ్వు    నా  స్వార్ధం కోసం చేసినట్టు చేస్తానావ్ 
when I shouted at him for the keys :) .. nd the same psycho in me made a call to mom for keys thing ..( can't stop that after all am a insane person   with a positive outlook

  •     no words .. the most beautiful is here

  • yikes both my eyebrows and her eyes are equally scary :)

  • at ammammas :)

most positive thinker :).. doesen't hurt and selfless at love :)

  • this guy has grown before even I knew his name ..bamardi gadi tammudu @ bathukamma 

  • record work ..that moment when principal sieged all our work in library :)

  • denikaina ready with satya and harsha ..poraganlaki final exams but it doesen't matter 

Its about time that I come up with another post now.. damn ! better than procrastinating, am starting it now again ..
          except for a couple of beer parties that me and pasha reciprocated nothing much there..
remained sober..talked to some gals (I did ) ..this time for a bit long though :) ..
 yes no qualms this month but I should haven been more regular on this blog and completely missed out on some physical work, toefl , tcs everything. and now that campus recruitment is about  5 days from now ..

this was like I really want to fight him ( yes wanted it to be a memory , bad ? atleast it goes down as one )
ram reddy pasha were too easy to handle for him and I entered , may be I was arrogant but yes I wanted that psycho bastard to feel bad (that is exactly వాడిని గెలికిన )

Mech fest

what am I losing waving a hi to her ? Am afraid she won't reciprocate that.. :(  , which won't be the case however..and my mind started to search for a reason and then blamed that my heart was hurt once ..(no she didn't hurt me ) but rather it was me hurt for the fact that I'm so meek to even talk to her..(YES I really love the radiant 'sun' )
                             had coupons for lunch and this damn carrom thing has turned tharun insane..now no one can pull him off from betting :)

NAVEEN throw me and vivek a party :) shame on me but common who doesn't know am a glut here ?

supraj to ball game at end of fest
that resting in indoor where I set all the chairs parllel to sleep on
express bus lo biranpally people (giri giri tammudu )

and nevertheless the best of all sahithi saying " ఆయన ఓన్లీ toppers  తో మాట్లడుతాడు " :) comedy అసలు  నాకు ఎలా మాట్లాడాలో తెలిస్తే కదా :) *   with reference to star saying her (ayya ne ijjath teesindu nv adigithe deeniki answer cheppedi endannatu tirgindu ne ijjat teesindu )
266,279,280,285,299 can't get any worse than this..
item got 6 marks..yes they have a different version that score doesen't start from 130 but common Is it not odd  ?
         met him with tharun on the very day after he came back to wgl...
         tharun facebooking the whole time at my home and me watching him 

pass again :)

got the pass done ...now 5 rs wala again in express buses..this commuting between hnk and hzbd is superb..


When you're sober you think twice before you speak. When you're drunk you speak twice before you think.(which is to say i've phoned someone )
          capricious..may be it has a negative connotation but exactly depicts my thinking :) always changing, inclined to escape and enjoy .. ( baddakam labelled by raj )

Had this awesome lab where I did nothing and an evening where me and pasha partied..first of its kind coz just a biryani and couple of beers to go with it
what has happened to me lately, Its been a month since I have opened the notes column in my cell phone, never really cared about the alarm or went to swim/walk
   This fucking GRE has really changed it for me and I don't like it this way..am in no mood to watch a english film or read a novel ..
                                                     But yes, a humungus :) number of persons have been complimenting me on my gre score ..but am glad that she noticed that  ఎన్నొరోజుల  నుండి తనతో  ఒక్కసారి  ఐన మాట్లాడాలి ఆనుకున్నా  ఇవ్వాల తనే నాకు కంగ్రాట్స్  చెప్పడం ఒక తీయని కల :) that lean girl, I don't even know her name (may be geetha ) ..but what a grace that girl has..always cool and composed ..definetly a girl to fall for (not very sexy but still ) and yes !! am not a guy who can talk easily to a girl (that may be the reason why most of them I knew are now like strangers to me )

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