sexy day (కుందేలు తాళ్ళు )

went to suresh marriage at timmapuram with vivek ..Realising that it would take ages for the party to begin
I decided to scratch my card again :) :) now its 500 rs..
     took a white mischief at arepalli and some stuff at vangapad and then  called kranti to join ( he didn't drink much though) was like me and vivek half-a-bottle each..

had a heart ful talk to a thatha sitting there,taking proud in saying that it was my dad who had that road and bridge built

funny ,, went to the canteen and asked for a tea ( there was no a canteen there in the first place )

later taken to sravan terrace where we slept for a couple of hours ( there is still mankind left- aunty in reddy colony was very kind ) then at public garden with tharun till 11...

day ends with some good memories in my kitty :) cheers kitty!!


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