which way ?

Last time I blogged and had a reflective on my journey, never did I think I would be visiting many places and my life would change a bit.

           Toured places, told a girl that I loved her and bought a car. I am starting to love this uncertainity in my life and sorting out the possibilities. The best lessons that I learnt are you direct yourself, there is only one way - don't belittle yourself, learn more, take a step.Sitting there doesn't get you anything.

          One downside in my travel here, am feeling a genuine hatred towards following other people's lives. Is a confusion to show compassion or not go any extent, any least bit that could hurt you.

         All said, its your life - IT SHOULD BE ABUNDANT, before you could share anything with others. Abundance in the sense of self satisfaction and very little emotions that I have. Its very difficult to be less consumeristic and materialistic in this life. But am trying, trying hard to grow more and back up myself.

  I will have to maintain talking to myself more here, after all this is the only place where am talking to the real me devoid of all the influences from exterior.


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